Our self defence courses are based on the 4-level principle:

Avoidance - recognising and avoiding potentially dangerous situations

Diffusion - many situations can be diffused verbally, such as not being drawn into an argument

Non-aggression - deflecting a potential attacker using non-aggressive means

Physical - defence against a range of situations you're likely to encounter.

We've developed self-defence courses for a range of audiences including Brownie Guides, St. John's Ambulance, Contract Options and Reading University Student's Union (RUSU). We tailor our courses to your individual needs and tackle situations you may be exposed to, for example RUSU attendees were concerned about walking home from University or after a night out whereas the Brownie Guides were taught how to evade an adult.

We use discussions, role plays and hands-on experience to arm you with an arsenal of self defence techniques. The timing and duration of our courses are flexible and we can create a one-off course or a series of lessons.

For more information or to book a self defence course, please contact us.

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