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Karate is more than turning up once a week to training. We expect our junior members to carry the guiding principles of Karate with them in their everyday lives. Recently two of our students came to the lesson without their gis because they had been misbehaving at home and had run out of time to get changed. As well as extra press-ups, the children were asked to write a story about why they didn't have their gi. We thought they were so good we had to share them with you.

Karate Story, by Alex, aged 7

After tea I was hyper so that meant I didn't have time to get dressed. When we got there I was really embarassed because all my friends did have their gis and I didn't. Sensei made me do 40 press-ups but my friends did 20. ...

... My behaviour was disgraceful because I was always messing about. I had to sit in the corner of the hall. Sensei said IF I DO IT AGAIN I WON'T DO MY GRADING. Now I've learnt my lesson.


Why You Should Wear a Karate Suit, by Caitlin, aged 8

One sunny day there was a girl who did Karate and was called Tracy. Tracy was eight years old and wanted to quit Karate because she was shy but her mum said "No". So she started to get cross and cried out, "But I want to QUIT because I'm too SHY!" but then her mum shouted "NOOO!". Then Tracy started to throw a tantrum and started to cry and sobbed "NOOOO! I ... " sob ... sob ..." ... want to QUIT. AAAAAAAAA! I hate you!"

Suddenly Tracy's mum stormed off and went to check the time, then she came back and said "Guess what?" "What?" said Tracy. "It's time go to and you haven't got your Karate suit on or your shoes on so you will have to go without."

Tracy calmed down a little bit and groaned "Fine, I will."

So off they went and when they went into the hall Tracy was embarassed but she just thought "I'm not in my Karate clothes, but just do it."

So she did her Karate lesson in her school clothes. Tracy looked very silly and her karate teacher said "Because you didn't get dressed for Karate you are going to have to write a story about why you have to wear a Karate suit at Karate."

So she did. And that is why you should wear a Karate suit at Karate.


The Boy Who Cried Fire, the favourite story of Marc, aged 6

There once was a little boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village. So he decided to do something fun - he took a deep breath and shouted "Fire! Fire! The Dojo is on fire!"

The villagers came running to help put the fire out, but when they arrived the Dojo wasnít on fire! The boy laughed, the villagers were very angry. "Donít cry fire", said the villagers, "when there is no fire". They went back down to the village.

Later, the boy shouted out again, "Fire! Fire! The Dojo is on fire". He laughed as the villagers ran up the hill again, only to see no fire. The villagers told him not to shout out when there was no fire. The little boy grinned as they walked back down the hill moaning.

Later the boy saw that the Dojo was really on fire. He jumped up and shouted as loud as he could "Fire! Fire! The Dojo is on fire!" But this time the villagers didnít come becuase they thought he was messing about again!

At sunset the villagers wondered why the boy hadnít come back to the village. SO they went to look for him and they found him sitting crying next to the burnt out Dojo.

"There really was a fire", he said. "The Dojo has burnt down. I shouted but you didnít come".

One of the villagers walked with the boy back to the village, wiping the tears from his eyes. The villager told him that ďNobody believes a liar ... even when they are telling the truth!Ē
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