The Team
We foster a family-friendly atmosphere in our Club which is demonstrated by the number of parents, children, sisters, brothers and best friends who train with us. We are fortunate to have a team of members and their families who volunteer their time and expertise to help us run our club smoothly.

Our Instructors, Sensei Daniel and Sensei Gillian Rose, have received extensive martial arts and teacher training and are regularly assessed to ensure their high standards are maintained. We also have a number of Assistant Instructors who help with our younger lesson and with small-group teaching.

And we are very lucky to have the help of several Volunteers who dedicate their evenings and weekends to help us.


Having two highly-qualified Instructors in our Club gives us an enviable staff/student ratio and allows us to tailor our lessons to individual student's needs.

Sensei Daniel Rose, 4th Dan

Sensei Daniel is a qualified school teacher and began his martial arts training in 1986. He earned his junior 1st Dan in 1990, his senior 2nd Dan in 1996, 3rd Dan in 2006 and 4th Dan in 2011.

Daniel founded Silwood Park Shotokan Karate during his time at University and has also trained in Aikido and Shotokai Karate. He was awarded the Pride of Bracknell Sporting Champion in 2009 in recognition of the work he does with the children in the club.

Sensei Gillian Rose, 2nd Dan

Sensei Gillian is a qualified lecturer and began her martial arts training in 1994. She earned her 1st Dan in 2007 and her 2nd Dan in 2010. Sensei Gillian started training whilst at University.

She specialises in teaching beginners, particularly children who find Sensei Dan scary! Gillian is responsible for teaching our four-year-olds, mums and dads and our Nurture Class students. She also handles the day-to-day running of our three clubs.

We also have a number of adult 1st Dan instructors who help with small-group teaching.

After-School Clubs

We have two after-school clubs in Bracknell - Sensei Hayley teaches in St Michaelís Easthampstead C of E Primary and Sensei Amy in Great Hollands Primary.

Sensei Hayley Proctor

Sensei Hayley Proctor was one of our many parents who started training after watching her son train with Sensei Daniel. She is highly experienced in teaching children and works well with large groups. Sensei Hayley helps teach our Nurture Class for children who need extra help.

Sensei Amy Marshall-Tomalin, 1st Dan

Sensei Amy Marshall was one of the first students of Silwood Park Karate. She achieved her 1st Dan in 2007 at 14 and this was confirmed as an adult grade in 2009. Sensei Amy is experienced in working with younger children who respond well to her teaching style.


We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers who offer their time and skills to our club.

Yvonne Hope

Yvonne is responsible for the day-to-day running of our Club and maintains our Club register. She is the first port of call for new members and deals with all Club enquiries.
Kerry Hope

Kerry works hard behind the scenes and is responsible for maintaining our stock levels. She also works tirelessly collating the elements of our endless paperwork!
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